This fitness club has great amenities for less

fitness clubThe most important things to consider with a gym membership are the types of fitness solutions they offer, where they are located, what amenities they have included and how much it costs. It is hard to find a fitness club that offers the best of everything, so it is best to decide what features and amenities are most important to you. Fitness 4 Less, located across the state of Maryland, offers a comprehensive fitness solution at an affordable price.

Here are some of the amenities they offer as well as some of the notable advantages they have over other local fitness clubs:

Complimentary On-Site Childcare

This is a big bonus for busy parents. The kiddos are able to come with you, allowing you the time to get your workout in while they enjoy themselves in the play area. This is a vast improvement over kids sitting in front of the tv or their mobile device after school while you try to do your squats in the living room. Instead, the kids are exercising and socializing, both of which are best for their overall physical and mental development.

Personal Training

If you are new to Fitness 4 Less, you should take advantage of their personal training program. A personal trainer will help you get acclimated with all of the equipment and show you how to maximize your workout. You will have someone that you can turn to as you get started that can help you push through any roadblocks you might have and help boost your confidence. If you have special needs, a personal trainer can give you the customized attention and experience you need.

Fitness Classes

Fitness 4 Less has a variety of classes to accommodate your exercise preferences. If you like variety, then this the place to change it up. From Zumba to Pilates, spin to step, there is fitness or functional class here for you. Check out their schedule online to see what classes you can fit into your weekly workout regimen.

Cardio and Circuit Training

For a total body workout, try circuit training. With a variety of different cardio and strength-training machines, you will feel the burn after rotating through them all. Target your lower body today and your upper body tomorrow, or do a little of both in one workout. The choice is up to you. You can collaborate with a personal trainer to develop a plan that is tailored to your particular goals.

Multiple Locations

A nice amenity at Fitness 4 Less is that you gain access to four fitness clubs across the state of Maryland. This is nice if you are visiting family in those areas or have a business trip planned. If you are in sales and Maryland is your territory, you can take advantage of these locations while on the go.

24 Hour Access

What makes Fitness 4 Less the most advantageous is that they give you access to their facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now, there are no excuses. You can finally fit in your fitness.


Personal training can help keep you motivated

Many people who frequent a fitness club do not take advantage of the on-site personal trainers. For new members, typically an hour or so of personal training time is included with your 1st month of membership.


One of the biggest advantages of a personal trainer is that they will assess your specific needs and goals to determine the best workout regimen for you. That means that you do not have to walk aimlessly around the gym trying to figure out which machine is available and if it will help you reach your goals. Instead, together you will develop a focused routine that will bring you visible results. Everyone’s body is different, and so there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all regimen.


Once you are well on your way with your fitness routine, you may not need direct help from a personal trainer. However, they will always be there for support whenever you need them. Perhaps you have reached a rut in your routine and want to change it up or you are training for the next local marathon. Consult with your fitness club trainer when you are ready to develop a new plan.


Sometimes you just need a little push. Well, a personal trainer can be that little oomph that you need to overcome a big challenge or reach a goal. When the going gets tough, you know you won’t have to do it alone. If you need someone to hold you accountable to your goals and intentions, your own personal trainer may be just the ticket.


In order to avoid injury to yourself when exercising, you need to use the proper techniques. Using good form will ensure that your body is working smarter and not harder. This is imperative to reduce the impact on joints and strain on muscles. A personal trainer can help you maintain proper form during your workout making it more efficient and effective.


Fitness is not the only component to optimal health. It goes in combination with a healthy diet, stress management, proper hydration, restful sleep and so much more. A personal trainer is passionate about healthy practices and will be able to teach you how to integrate these practices into your lifestyle and show you how to take better care of yourself overall.

If you are moving to a new neighborhood or are in a rut with your workout routine, you should consider working with a personal trainer to help you develop a personalized plan that maximizes your time in the gym. If you are in the Capitol Heights area of Maryland, Fitness 4 Less offers personal training services as well as group training in a 24 hour facility. They are a leader in fitness clubs and want to make fitness available to everyone. That is why they offer unbeatable prices to make it more affordable for you and your family. Request one of their complimentary VIP guest passes to see for yourself all of the amenities and options they have to offer.

Can you recognize these ten trends in web design?

web design

Mobile technology has become the threshold for which traditional desktop web design must work within, as it sets the precedence for what a savvy internet surfer can expect in terms of a user interface. This threshold has lent itself to the rise in popularity of responsive web design as well as the use of web fonts, expandable menus as well as full-width page layouts.

Web Fonts

The standard four fonts that we are typically used to having access to when designing a website are a thing of the past. Now everyone has access to a database of web fonts that are available to implement into their style sheets. This feature has significantly raised the bar for business websites mainly due to the fact that a brand can translate more seamlessly from on offline environment into an online environment.

Full Width Page Layouts

Primitive website designs of the past consisted of blocky tables and very little formatting. They typically had large borders and predictable layouts. Combining modern screen resolutions with contemporary internet speeds, web designers are using full width page layouts. Depending on your brand and how much imagery you use in your design, you can create some major impact when you utilize the entire available screen space. When combined with responsive web design (see below), your full width layout will transform nicely onto other displays.

Hamburger Menus

Hamburger menus are finding themselves across all platforms. They are characterized by the three little lines in the header area of a website. When clicked, this selection expands into a full size navigation menu. Now that people are used to seeing these tiny menus in the mobile format, they are not surprised to also see it on the desktop version too. Since savvy internet surfers are so used to using hamburger menus, they are more apt to recognize them on full-sized sites as well.


Do you remember the hideous gif animations of past generations of web design. Not only were they distracting, but they were often very low resolution, and quite frankly, cheesy. However, graphic animations are making a comeback. You may recognize some thoughtful, yet subtle, vector animations when hovering over a menu selection or as a page transitions from one to another. Video is also making a comeback as we now have the bandwidth stable enough to support video streaming. That is why you are seeing more and more designs that include a background video that does not seem to slow down the page load time.

Responsive Layouts

A lot of internet users now spend a majority of their time switching back and forth from their desktop computers to their mobile devices to the digital televisions. A seamless integration is not only possible but also necessary. That is why responsive layouts are becoming the norm. A web design now has the ability to transform from a desktop layout easily and effortlessly into a mobile framework. This means you do not have to design two different versions, one for desktop and another for mobile.

Is personal or group training right for you?

group trainingThe best way to motivate yourself to follow a fitness routine is to find a workout that you enjoy doing. That way you are more inclined to keep up with it on the days that you would rather stay in bed. Everyone has their own perspective on what “fun” is when it comes to exercise. Some consider a workout enjoyable if they can do it quickly and feel the results. Others have to involve themselves in some sort of sport that allows them to get a workout while they are essentially just playing a game. Some people like to workout alone while others prefer to work out in a group. What is your preference? Not sure? Consider the pros and cons of personal and group training.

Personal Training


What makes personal training so special are the trainers. They can be a invaluable addition to your fitness regimen. If you typically like to workout solo but need a little guidance or help getting started, personal training would be ideal. If you have specific goals that you are working toward, a trainer can help you develop a workout that will help you reach them in the most efficient way. They will also teach you the proper technique for each exercise as that is crucial to preventing injury and getting the most out of each movement. If you are stuck in the same routine and are looking for ways to amp up your workout, a personal trainer can help you put together a new strategy. Another advantage to having a trainer is that if you prefer not to leave the house for your workout, they can often come to you.


One disadvantage of personal training is that it is typically more expensive than group training. If you prefer not to workout totally solo and need a trainer to accompany you, their hourly fee can add up quickly. Another disadvantage to a personal trainer is that they do not work around the clock and are not always available when it is most convenient for you.

Group Training


If you love to socialize and meet new people, group training is probably most ideal for you. You can enjoy the company of others which may make you more inclined to keep up with your routine. Another advantage is the cost. Group classes are typically more cost effective than personal training. Plus, you can try a variety of classes which allows you rotate your routine and keep it fresh. Accountability is another reason why some people prefer to exercise with others. If you cannot get out of bed to go workout for yourself, maybe you will be motivated to do it for others, especially when they are invested in you reaching your fitness goals.


One of the biggest disadvantages to group training is that sometimes fitness classes will fill up making it difficult to get into a routine. Furthermore, the most popular classes are sometimes overcrowded preventing you from getting any special attention from the instructor.

Types of Truck Bed Extenders

extendobedIf you work in construction or in delivery services where you may be asked to deliver something large and unwieldy in your truck, a truck bed extender could be exactly the tool you need to make your job easier. There are many types of extenders to choose from. If you are not sure which option is the right one for you, we have broken down the types available so that you can choose the one that best fits your truck and your needs.

U-Shaped Design

This is the conventional pickup truck bed extender. To use it you have to let the tailgate down and leave it there. This extender adds to extra feet of space to your truck bed. This design is great for protecting cargo, since the tailgate being in a down position offers a kind of barrier. You can transport cargo that is large but that is about the length of the truck bed. When you are not using it, this kind of extender can be left in place as a barrier to protect any other cargo you are transporting in your truck.

Bed Load Extender

This option is also called the hitch mount. This extender has an arm that helps extend the bed and increase the length of the truck. This option is a great one for people who transport long cargo like lumber, pipes, and anything else that would otherwise extend way over the truck bed. The bed load extender is mounted on the rear receiver and can be easily installed.

Truck Bed Cargo Slide

This extender has two purposes: allow more space in the truck bed and also make it easier to reach your cargo once it is on the truck. Once installed, which can take a little bit of experience, your truck bed will function like a drawer which you can slide in and out. This is perfect for people who carry unwieldy cargo or cargo that is delicate and needs to be lowered carefully. Since it has a sliding feature, this extender can easily be used like a bed load extender, too. You will need the right hitch mount to use it in this fashion, however, and you will have to lock the slide mechanism in place so that it does not move. If you need to have reliable and easy access to your cargo, the truck bed cargo slide is a wonderful option that can make your life much easier.

These are the three main types of truck bed extenders. Some of them are easier to install than others, so it is important to turn to an experienced company like Extendobend for help choosing the right one and getting it on your truck. Some options vary in price, too, depending on size and quality, so be sure to ask about this before you settle on any purchase. With this vital tool, you will be able to transport everything you need for yourself and your customers with little to no hassle or stress.

Personal Training and the Benefits of Weight Lifting

personal trainingWhen we think of exercise, most of us think of cardio workouts and options like Pilates, but one of the most beneficial types of exercise is weight lifting. If you join a fitness club or a gym of any kind, you will see that weight lifting is just as important as cardio when it comes to staying in shape and feeling your best. If you are not sure whether weight lifting is the right option for you, we have some benefits you should keep in mind.

  • Bone Density: As we age, we lose bone density. This happens to all of us, but in particular it happens to women. Weight lifting can help improve bone density and fight its decrease. For women who want to avoid osteoporosis, lifting weights can truly make a difference.
  • Reduces Depression Symptoms: Weight lifting helps fight all symptoms of depression. Most people think only cardio exercise does that, but weight lifting produces the same endorphins that can make you feel better.
  • Fights Fat: When you build muscle you are fighting fat. Muscle burns more calories throughout the day, even if you are doing nothing, so building as much muscle as possible will increase your metabolism and make it possible for you to maintain your weight without extra effort. This is one of the main reasons why personal training experts always recommend adding weights to a workout.
  • Lower Diabetes Risk: If diabetes runs in your family, you could help combat it with weight lifting. Just 30 minutes every couple of days can help protect you against risks of diabetes. This is especially true with men as they age.
  • Heart Health: Lifting weights has been proven to strengthen your heart which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease. It helps fight blood pressure issues, too, by improving blood flow. Some people were even able to reduce their use of hypertensive drugs with weight lifting.
  • Prevents Back Pain: Weight lifting is also an excellent way to prevent back pain. If you spend your days sitting at an office desk, you may have experienced some back pain. By weight lifting, you will improve your posture which will help you when you do anything in the future. You will, of course, also know how to lift things correctly so as not to harm yourself in the process.
  • Balance: You can improve your balance with weight lifting, as well. You will have a stronger core, and you will have stronger stabilizing muscles. For people who are older, this can be vital to maintaining balance.

Weights have to be added to every workout in order to have the best results. You will start feeling much better and you will be reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, balancing problems, and so much more. If you are looking to lose weight, adding weights to cardio is the right option, since the muscle you build burns many more calories. Fitness 4 Less has great weight training options for all ages, so that everyone can benefit from everything weights can offer.

Personal Training to Help Everyone

Personal training is something that many people consider during their lifetime, but many never do it because they believe there is a certain negative connotation that goes with it. For years, many people believed that only those who were trying to enter body building competitions and events such as that went to personal trainers. People would get nervous around personal trainers believing that they were going to judge them for their lack of exercise thus far or how they ate or how they looked. But, Fitness 4 Less is trying to break the negativity that surrounds personal training. They believe that anyone should be able to go to a personal trainer and not feel judged. A personal trainer is there to help their client to reach their health goals. Whether that is losing weight or gaining muscle, a personal trainer can help their client get there. The personal trainers at Fitness 4 Less want to help as many people as they can with their goals. Nobody should feel like they cannot go to a personal trainer for help. A personal trainer can help you target trouble areas or tell you how to properly use gym equipment. They can even teach you what foods will give you the most energy. All of the personal trainers at Fitness 4 Less are there to help anyone who comes to them with a fitness need.

There are some people who do not feel as comfortable working one on one with someone to reach their health goals. Everyone is different and how they reach goals is Fitness 4 Lessdifferent as well. For some people, all they need is someone kicking their butt and pushing them as hard as they can. For others, they need a large support system in order to get them motivated enough to accomplish what they set out to do. Group training is perfect for those who need a larger support system. People who need to do group training can go to Fitness 4 Less and get the best of both worlds with working with a personal trainer and working with a group. They will find that they will reach any goal that they set out to do because they are able to work with others who have similar goals. It is always good when you have others that you are accountable to. Everyone who does the group training can help each other stay on traffic and keep the motivation up.

 Fitness 4 Less does everything they can in the personal training department to help their clients feel comfortable with their personal trainers. They only hire the best. Every personal trainer can help anyone with any goal that they have. Nobody will be turned away because of the goals that they have or because they do not have enough personal trainers. Fitness 4 Less wants all of their members to become as healthy as possible and they believe that personal training can really help with that. Whether you want to do one on one personal training or group training, Fitness 4 Less can help you get the most out of it. You will have all the support you need at Fitness 4 Less.

Why Having a Personal Trainer is Great

It has already been a month since I started working out in the gym and found that I am not the type of guy who can easily keep his motivation. I started because I wanted to have a good shape and figure, and now I am starting to slowly see some results. The thing is that I might lose all motivation one day and everything I worked for would go back to zero. By body would become flabby and things like that. I didn’t really know much about personal trainers other than they seem to always yell at you in the gym, but I decided to have one anyways. Little did I know this may have been one of the best decisions in my life.

group training

fitness gym

Before I really got a personal trainer, I asked some of my friends who workout. They told me it’s all up to me whether I would go for a personal trainer or not. I recall that one of my relatives mentioned it was great to have a personal trainer. So there, I went for it. My first session with my personal trainer was not until next week as he was out of town and everybody else was booked. The time came and I was surprised to see someone who was twice as built as me and as it turns out, he was almost twice as old as me! Age really doesn’t matter here. He looked like that old man you would be scared to approach but once I got to know him better, he was quite jolly.

We then got to work, he asked me where I left off and we begun from there. I started to realize I was probably doing things wrong. I would do the same number of repetitions every single day I was in the gym. When I was working with my personal trainer, he would ramp it up in the succeeding days but would allow a cool down after some time. I tell you it was quite exhausting compared to working out just by yourself but the results started to show even faster.

Well there would be times when I felt like giving up, and during these times he would keep on motivating and yelling at me. It felt like I was in a war. But I tell you, it drove me even more. Hey if someone who could be my grandfather have that body, then why not me? After some time, I started to feel really great about my body. I didn’t want to overdo it and look like huge boulders. I was not into body building, but rather being able to finely tone my body with the right amount of muscle.

Having a personal trainer was really great, after some time when I would go to the gym to be able to maintain my shape and not just build anymore, we would set up challenges between the two of us. You would be surprised at a man like him, it was like working with my brother that looked like my grandfather.

What It Takes to be in Shape

Sometimes I look back to the time when I was not in good shape. Close friends and relatives of mine would ask me how the journey felt and that they really appreciate seeing me succeed. Well in reality, my success in being a fit individual is just the tip of the iceberg. Just any other goal, this thing takes a lot out of you. But in the end you will appreciate the results and learn to value what you have went through. There are many other people who have unhealthy figures but went through it all and are now looking great in their new figure. Let me tell you how I got this figure and the journey of getting into shape.

24 hour gym

fitness training

Well it all started when I noticed on a long walk that I started to get easily faint. I did not really mind it at that time. Checking the scale I noticed that I had started to gain some weight. I then started thinking about going to the gym. Well it really didn’t take long for me to be final about my choice so I proceeded to go into the gym and get a personal trainer to help me out.

I wanted to lose some of the flab around my belly and maybe even increase my cardiovascular endurance. So I trained and trained. The first few days it will feel quite tiring but almost like you are going through a great change and starting to embrace it. There would be times where I think I could not do it and my trainer would keep on pushing me to keep going. I knew she was there to motivate me but I started to re-think this decision.

The time came when I started to notice some significant results and after that I immediately stooped going to the gym and back to my old lifestyle. As it turns out, I should not have done that. To be able to maintain my new form, I had to keep working out or else I would just get flabby again.

So I went back and saw my trainer, she really scolded me but in the end she was happy that I had realized what it really takes to keep myself in shape. There would be times I would end up crying and days were I have a hard time lifting myself up and walking due to the muscle cramps, but I knew what I was feeling would pass. To be able to keep to my new found lifestyle, I had to make great changes. One cannot be fit without adjusting the way he lives.

After some time my friends took notice to how form my figure was and I felt proud that people were noticing. I knew that everything had started to pay off. But it really doesn’t stop there; you have to keep on moving to stay in shape. Let this be a message for those who seek to be fit. Take note that it needs dedication and willpower to get through it.